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exercises in nerddom/perambulations through sound
  • Sometimes, even when I know I’m going to want to practice at school, I just don’t have it in me to lug a really expensive guitar in a really heavy hard-shell case from BK to the UES. Which is, frankly, kinda great, because it gives me a chance to revisit my old $300 La Patrie, still the easiest playing guitar I have in that it’s not a true classical. When I cracked open the gig-bag on Monday I found that the guitar had been tuned down - maybe because I was strumming and singing with it last time I played it (baritooone), which was at least two months ago. Between how quiet the guitar was from the get-go, how beaten up it’s gotten, and the detuned strings, moments in this recording get close to sounding kinda lutey, and I love that about it. iPhone voice memo, again.
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