Oy yoy yoy. (Ai yai yai?)

I chose a funky time to start doing this, considering I have been running on espresso vapors and smiles for the past three weeks. But maybe that’s why it’s perfect.

There’s a good reason I chose such a mouthful of a title for this thing, that lays in a personal reverence for a certain German dude who could really tickle the ivories and who once said:

"Ich habe fleißig seyn müssen; wer eben so fleißig ist, der wird es eben so weit bringen können."

(“I was obliged to be industrious; whoever is equally industrious will succeed equally well.”)

Yeah, sure thing J.S. That’s cool though - here’s my plan:

•Keep all my reviews (right now all of, and going forward I’m sure the vast majority of which, will have originally been posted on the badass I Care if You Listen) in one place.

•Track my progress on repertoire - that means recordings of practice, rehearsals, intriguing demos, maybe even a couple of “finished” products. I’m really looking forward to this because it will be a great way to see and share tangible growth of the music I’m working on.

•Chronicle the achievements of some of my extremely talented friends (who will hereby be referred to as “m’nerds” or just “nerds”). Seriously, these guys and girls are mindblowingly cool and gifted. Allow me to explain.

•Nerd out on guitar stuff (i.e. “I got a new guitar!” [I did, really], “I suck at changing my strings,” “I really fudged up a performance yesterday,” “how come nobody cares about Gaspar Sanz?”)

•Share good music (i.e. not played by me).

•Oh, you know, just talk about my day (** crickets chirping**).

That’s the idea. Because the OED defines “industry” as

Intelligent or clever working; skill, ingenuity, dexterity, or cleverness in doing anything.

and these aforementioned things are just about the only ones I have skill, dexterity, or cleverness in doing, and dang if it won’t be fun to watch them grow in this little nook.